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General Pest Control / Occasional Invaders

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I think we can agree that owning a wrench will not qualify someone as a mechanic. Do-it-yourself pest products are similar in that regard. Pest issues should be controlled correctly and safely by a professional.  That is why Janus Pest Management is the right choice for your home or business pest control needs.  We incorporate a special environmental family friendly treatment protocol commonly referred to as Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which works to control pests with limited pesticide usage.

Experience / Results

You can trust Janus Pest Management to effectively work towards safeguarding your family and home against the hassles, damage and potential health risks associated with pest incursions (e.g., ants, spiders, cockroaches or what-have-you).  We pride ourselves on delivering field-tested results with a level of experience that is difficult to beat.

Dependable on time service

We use the latest in scheduling software and equipment to help us map and dispatch our service staff to your property with greater dependability and reduced wait times. Hard to improve upon that, but if can, we will.

Occasional invaders.

Typical pest issues evolve around the sighting of the sort that most people are well, reluctantly familiar with: cockroaches, ants, fleas and spiders -to name a few. What is commonly referred to as “occasional invaders” are those insects and other arthropods that sporadically enter structures, sometimes in large numbers.

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Affordable service schedule options optimized to meet your needs

On balance, residential pest issues are well-managed with an every-other-month service schedule, (EOM).  However, commercial accounts often require more frequent service scheduling such as monthly service or even weekly service depending on pest pressures and other concerns.  Your Janus Service Specialist will meet with you to discus service frequency options based upon your needs.

  • Weekly Service
  • Monthly Service
  • Bi-monthly / EOM Service
  • Quarterly Service
  • Semiannual Termidor® Ant Control Treatment
  • As-needed / One-time Jobs
  • Flex-Prescription Service, (FPS) e.g., seasonal or set months of the year

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