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Nuisance Animal Control

Opossums - Skunks - Raccoons

Nuisance Animal Control

Home turf advantage over urban wildlife.

shutterstock_223365640Welcome to the urban jungle–opossums, skunks and raccoons: Cleverness and dexterity help these critters adapt to our urban settings.  Of all the wild animals that have adapted to city life, raccoons—bold and curious—probably are the most resourceful and destructive. They exhibit a high level of behavioral plasticity, a term that implies the ability to adapt to complex environmental conditions. You will know this first hand if you’ve discovered a loose roof tile treated as a friendly invitation to craft a cozy attic nursery. Or, patches of new sod routinely rolled up to yield grubs found beneath it

If after hurtling insults and patio furniture across the yard only solicited insolent stares, you may want to call an experienced license professional—call, Janus Pest Management—call today. We will work to give you the home turf advantage! We can even make most structural repairs if needed.

The Problem with Raccoons

In some cases, steps must be taken to remove nuisance animals from your yard to protect property and ensure safety to your family and pets.  Raccoons cause problems when they move into urban areas then lose their fear of humans.  Apart from toppling trashcans and rummaging through refuse, they often establishing dens in chimneys—plugging them with combustible nesting material.  They can readily remove loose sub-vent panels, roof tiles or fascia siding to enter into a basement, attic or wall space to create nesting dens.  And in case you haven’t noticed, raccoons can unrepentantly tear up your yard—not to mention the garden and fruit trees.

Trapping / Exclusion

oneway door trap

One-way door; animal exits can’t reenter.

We first inspect the site to determine the type of animal and look for any point(s) of entry if it is living inside or underneath a structure. At times, we can secure a one-way trap door to the structure so the animal(s) can leave but not reenter. When actual trapping is needed, we will stage a live-capture trap near the animal run or nesting site. The trap is prepped with a lure attractant as well as ample food and water to humanly reduce undue stress to the animal. Once captured, we will return to relocate the animal to a suitable site some distance away from your home or businesses so it does not return in time. Additionally, we can also complete most proofing repairs to prevent further pest incursions: repair charges submitted upon request.

raccoonskunkopsooum tracks

Trap Monitoring

Our optimized nuisance animal trapping program generally includes a number of check-back services for making adjustments to food, attractants and trap location where needed. Raccoons specifically, are known for their intelligence, and that is why we prefer to take a patient methodical approach. To proceed hastily only risks adding time to the process.  Also, it is important for the customer to check the trap daily, preferably early in the morning to ensure the welfare of the animal. Then promptly notify the office for removal.


Raccoons being mammals are subject to many of the same diseases and illnesses that affect humans and other mammals. Raccoons also may carry fleas, ticks, lice and mange. The illnesses most commonly associated with raccoons are canine distemper and rabies. Other viral diseases of raccoons include raccoon parvoviralenteritis, canine and feline parvovirus, infectious canine hepatitis and intestinal roundworm.


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