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Bed Bug Control

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bed bugJanus Pest Management works fast to restore peace of mind by eliminating bed bugs in your home or businesses in the most affordable and effective manner—wherever bed bugs feed and hide. Our licensed staff Technicians are specifically trained in bed bug biology and are equipped with the know-how and tools to completely skill your bed bugs dead.

Bed bug infestations are generally more complex than other pest issues and may require extra effort to eliminate them. We make it simple though. We offer four distinct treatment options, which can be combined to yield greater flexibility for even the most difficult bed bug job: (1) Traditional (2) Heat (3) Fumigation (4) Reduced Risk.  For an explanation of treatment details, please see the descriptions below or simply call our office today.  We are ready to help.

Traditional treatment

Traditional treatments are well suited for most bed bug jobs. We use Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which is an approach to pest management that involves using both chemical and non-chemical measures to manage bed bug and other pest infestations. This approach serves to reduce the amount of pesticide needed to bring about control.

Heat treatment

Heat treatment is effective and versatile and is used instead of chemicals to kill bed bugs in all life stages including eggs. Heat can be used to treat an entire structure or target specific areas and is especially beneficial in multi-dwelling units.

Fumigation treatment

Fumigation treatment with Vikane® gas fumigant is the only treatment method with a 50-year track record of effectively and reliably eradicating all bed bugs infesting a structure, including the egg stage. Bed bug fumigation can be conducted on entire structures or certain parts of a structure. Fumigation is especially preferred for treating structures that contain high value furnishings or sensitive items such as electronic equipment or other heat susceptible items that cannot easily be removed from the treatment zone.

Reduced Risk treatment

polti-cimex-eradicatorOur Reduced Risk treatment meets the professional “standard of care” for bed bug control in medical clinics, LEED certified office buildings and other sensitive settings. Bed bug control is achieved through a combination low impact methods and materials such as commercial steamers, hepa-vacuuming and/or a FIFRA 25(b) soybean based formula that presents no harm to people, pets or the environment; it dehydrates and kills bed bugs mechanically by dissolving the waxy exoskeletons.

Bed bug inspections

NOW—More bang for the bug!

bed-bug-dogsThe most common form of bed bug detection is completed by visual inspection. For greater accuracy especially in larger settings, we can have your home or business inspected by our select bed bug detecting canine team. Knowledge of bed bug biology and behavior plays a big part in discovering where bed bugs aggregate (bunch up) within a room so it is always recommended to have a professional inspection prior to treatment if you are uncertain of bed bug activity.  Janus Pest Management does charge a fee for bed bug inspections but waive the cost when we do the work; canine inspections excluded. What’s more, you will receive a free set of ClimbUp Interceptor bed bug monitor traps ($45.00-VALUE) with all bed bug inspections or initial treatments upon request.

More About Bed Bugs…

The sooner you contact a pest management professional, the easier, the faster and the more cost effective it will be to rid your home or business of bed bugs. Bed bugs are elusive and overwhelming for non-professionals to controlDon’t go-it-alone!  Instead, call Janus Pest Management today, to schedule an inspection and treatment consultation.  If we find bed bugs, we will explain treatment options, preparation instructions and pricing with you.  We can even work out  affordable payment plans if needed.

In the meantime—there are things you can do to reclaim some comfort prior to treatment: Consider placing bedbug monitoring devices such as ClimbUp Interceptor pitfall traps under bed legs. Fit mattresses and box-springs with encasements designed to prevent bed bugs moving in and out of bed sections.  Eliminate clutter, launder all bedding, vacuum  and discard bags or canister content into outdoor receptacles.

Bed Bug Elimination is a Cooperative Process


Recent study confirms consensus among PMPs.

Folks get a little anxious about bed bugs—for good reason.  They are hard to find, hard to control and expensive to eliminate.  Bed bugs are  easily spread and are elusive.  They can crawl into crevices thinner than a credit card.  Mostly active at night, bed bugs often become ensconced within a living space without detection.  Live bed bugs are evidence of an infestation, but sometimes difficult to find in low-level infestations.  A recent study conducted at the University of Kentucky concluded that roughly 30 percent of people have no reaction to bed bug bites.  That is to say, they do not experience the characteristic red, itchy welts that may indicate a problem.  Managers of mufti-unit residential properties and assisted living facilities should take note, as this statistic doubles for the elderly.  The elderly are much less sensitive.

For a host of reasons, bed bug infestations are complex.  Most pest management professionals (PMP), continue to find them harder to control than other key pests (Graph).  Considering that most residential bed bug jobs cost in the hundreds, and eliminating these pests may need more than one treatment–supports the evidence that bed bug elimination is a process that takes time,  effort and attention to detail by both technician and consumer.

  • bed-bug-location-chart-janus-pest-managementWhere Bed Bugs Are

    Bed bugs are well-adapted to living with humans.  Like other successful parasites, they prefer to live near their meal, and this means close to where people sleep or lounge. In a recent study of bed bug infested apartments, more than 90% of the insects were found living in beds, sofas and recliners.  Although bed bugs prefer feeding on humans, they will also bite other warm-blooded animals, including dogs, cats, birds and rodents.

Preventative Bed bug Inspection Service for Frequent Travelers

Inspect once every three months

Verifi bed bug detector has 3 attractants. Detects 90 days

bed-bug-discription-janus-pest-mangementBed bugs are most commonly found in residences according to a recent National Pest Management Association (NPMA) industry survey, with 98% of pest control companies report encountering them there; 75% in hotels and 21% in transportation.

If you travel often, you are likely aware of your increased exposure to bed bugs and the potential for bringing them home with you on your luggage or person.  Staying in hotels and using various modes of transportation are among the chief sources for bed bug transmission.

Considering that bed bug remediation services are expensive and that preparation is daunting, it is worthwhile to take precautions to avoid bringing bed bugs home with you and to discover them early, if you do.  The sooner you are aware of the problem, the less effort and cost it will take to eliminate them.

So, if you travel often or have recently had your home treated for bed bugs, consider having Janus Pest Management do regular preventive inspection services as an early warning against bed bug infestation.  We will install the small but affordable Verifi bed bug detectors in your home or office.  We then return once every three months to inspect for new activity and replenish its three attractants, to resume monitoring bed bugs continuously for up to 90 days. There are other inspection devices we use to complement this service.  Details available.

 iStock_000002891757SmallBed bug Travel Tips (click)

Basic Pretreatment Instructions

There is a fair amount of preparation involved with a bed bug treatment; practically every area requires consideration for possible treatment. We will supply you with a multi-point preparation list and go over the treatment details with you.

Your Janus Service Specialist will give you the complete list of pretreatment preparation instructions, but here are the basics:

  • Vacuum all carpets, floor coverings, chairs, sofas and drapes
  • Empty vacuum bag, double bag in a sealed plastic bag, and place in outside trash
  • Damp mop all uncarpeted areas
  • Strip beds and leave stripped until after treatment; move bed away from wall
  • Move furniture away from walls
  • Remove all items from wall, – mirrors, pictures, other items – and leave in room for inspection
  • Remove all electrical plates on walls, – electric outlets, phone jacks, and light switch covers, etc.
  • All dresser drawers emptied, with items placed into sealed plastic bags or plastic totes for laundering, dry cleaning, or other treatment

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