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Ants Say Uncle!

Ants–Number One Urban Pest

antsLiving in SoCal, you’ve probably seen endless columns of Argentine ants trailing through or around your home at some point. They follow a pre-marked pheromone scent trail initially laid down by scouts while searching for goodies in your pantry. Although they prefer to make their nests outdoors, they do enter houses in search of food and water.

Ants have long since been a major pest issue in our region and throughout the United States and have risen to the point of being the number one urban pest here in Southern California. Several factors contribute to this trend.

A large number of long-established invasive pest ants continue to expand their range. Red imported fire ants continue to expand into several pockets in Southern California; Argentine ants however, hold the number one spot for ants in our area because of their ability to adapt to our immediate environs. They are especially formidable against other ant species due to their aggressive behavior and the enormous size of their colonies. These huge colonies can literally “team up” with other colonies to expand their territory.

Ants Say UncleAnts Say Uncle!

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More About SOCAL Ants

Beyond the ubiquitous Argentine ant, Southern California has its share of other ant species that regularly pose problems around our homes and businesses. They include the Carpenter ant with its ability to chisel out nesting galleries in wood structural members. The tiny Thief and Pharaoh ants that bud, or split their colony when stressed. Do-It-Yourself control measures may actually make matters worse, divided ant colonies move into more areas of the structure. Red Harvester ants are aggressive and have a painful sting sometimes causing reactions, especially in those allergic to their venom−common around playgrounds and athletic fields.

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