• rat

    Rodent Control

    Cold Weather Drives Rats Inside Janus Drive Them Out Rodents can enter and infest your home at any time of the year if they can find an opening. For example, overhanging tree branchs can bridge over to the roof line where heat and kitchen odors can then attract rats straightaway into your attic by way of […]

  • spider-small

    General Pest Control / Occasional Invaders

    Get rid of pests professionally I think we can agree that owning a wrench will not qualify someone as a mechanic. Do-it-yourself pest products are similar in that regard. Pest issues should be controlled correctly and safely by a professional.  That is why Janus Pest Management is the right choice for your home or business pest […]

  • bees

    Bee Removal – Wasps – Yellow Jackets

    Bees, wasps, and yellow jackets often need special attention because their stings are always potentially serious. We are trained and State Certified in the control of the Americanized honey bee (AHB), feral honeybee.  We also specialize in prompt service. Touchdown Bees Honey bee swarms can alight or touchdown without warning and may sting without intentional […]

  • roach

    Cockroach Control

      Controlling Cockroaches Servicing all types of residential and commercial accounts in Southern California has solidified our reputation as a leading pest management company specializing in the control and elimination of cockroach infestations. To illustrate this point, we are expert at American cockroach control in high-rise office towers. We successfully solve cockroach infestations in office […]

  • ants

    Ant Control

    Ants–Number One Urban Pest Living in SoCal, you’ve probably seen endless columns of Argentine ants trailing through or around your home at some point. They follow a pre-marked pheromone scent trail initially laid down by scouts while searching for goodies in your pantry. Although they prefer to make their nests outdoors, they do enter houses in search of food […]

  • gopher

    Gopher Control – Moles – Ground Squirrels

    Parks to Parkways – Get home turf advantage Man-oh-man!  Nothing freezes you in place—mouth agape, like the sight of gopher mounds in your lawn! Pocket gophers often invade yards and gardens, feeding on many garden crops, ornamental plants, vines, shrubs, and trees. A single gopher moving down a garden row can inflict considerable damage in a […]

  • shutterstock_223365640

    Nuisance Animal Control

    Nuisance Animal Control Home turf advantage over urban wildlife. Welcome to the urban jungle–opossums, skunks and raccoons: Cleverness and dexterity help these critters adapt to our urban settings.  Of all the wild animals that have adapted to city life, raccoons—bold and curious—probably are the most resourceful and destructive. They exhibit a high level of behavioral plasticity, […]

  • bed bug

    Bed Bug Control

    Janus Skills Bed Bugs Dead! Janus Pest Management works fast to restore peace of mind by eliminating bed bugs in your home or businesses in the most affordable and effective manner—wherever bed bugs feed and hide. Our licensed staff Technicians are specifically trained in bed bug biology and are equipped with the know-how and tools to […]