Warehouse Pest Control

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Better Warehouse Pest Control

iStock_000006838133LargeWhat better place for pests to find suitable harborage than your bustling warehouse; considering the easy open-door access, the controlled environment and abundant nesting sites–“fat as rat in a palletrack“.

The conducive environs of a warehouse are alluring to pests seeking shelter. Shipments in and out can translocate pest from one place to another: between staging and racking, the many harborage sites allow pests to set up camp–foraging and nestingusing technology graphic opportunities abound. That alone makes warehouse expertise important when developing the right pest program for you facility.

By first identifying the specific pest pressures that menace your facility, Janus is able to develop a pest prevention strategy to meet the job. For those warehouse facilities storing sensitive commodities, we use rodent device bar-coding for visual data activity trend analysis. Drilling down data reveals areas of heavy pressure that may need special attention. This utility is especially invaluable when meeting compliance audits.

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