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Janus Pest Management uses the Verifi bed bug detectors for initial pretreatment inspections and post treatment monitoring. Have piece of mind, call Janus Pest Management today and get one of the industries leading bed bug detectors.

Ideal for Frequent Travelers

Inspect once every three months

If you travel a lot or recently had your home treated for bed bugs, consider having Janus Pest Management install Verifi bed bug detectors in your home or office.  We return once ever three months to inspect them for new activity and replenish the three main attractants for up to 90 days of continuous bed bug monitoring.


bed bug monitor trap with 3 attractants

Verifi Bed Bug Detectors

Verify Bed Bugs with Verifi Bed Bug Detector . With Verifi Bed Bug Detector you can detect bed bugs early before there is a full blown infestation and monitor bed bug treatment results. The Verifi Bed Bug Detector by FMC is truly discreet and easy to place in infested bed bug locations. As a comprehensive monitor, it not only attracts and detects host-seeking (searching for a blood host) bed bugs, but also bed bugs (non-feeding ) looking to aggregate in harborage areas. Verifi Bed Bug Detector includes:

  1. Verifi Detector Unit
  2.  Booster Pack
  3. Attractant Lure

How Verifi Bed Bug Detector Works

Verifi Bed Bug Detector provides up to 90 days of continued bed bug detection. It uses an exclusive combination of carbon dioxide, liquid kairomone and a pheromone to attract and detect bed bugs.

Why is Bed Bug Detection Important ?

As a bed bug monitor, Verify Bed Bug Detector/ Monitor & Trap detects the presence of bed bugs. It is helpful to detect new populations or a reinfestation of a bed bug infestation as early as possible in order to begin control treatment plans. It is also helpful to monitor bed bug populations during and after treatment plans.

Why choose the Verifi Bed Bug Detector ?

Verifi Bed Bug Detector/Monitor & Trap is one of the newest bed bug detectors and monitors on the market that is effective. This bed bug monitor/trap is effective because it attracts the whole bed bug population using three different attractants. The Verifi Bed Bug Monitor is not disposable as some detectors on the market and has replaceable components. The Verifi Bed Bug Trap/Monitor has undergone several tests at various universities with outstanding promised results. These results include detecting bed bugs up to 90 days.

Verifi Bed Bug Detector Benefit Summary

  • Discreet and easy to use
  • After 90 days of active detection the attractants can be replaced.
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Verify is discreet and silent. There is no need to take hotel rooms, retail locations, hospital rooms, bedrooms out of service during the detection period.
  • .As a bed bug detector, Verify reduces the risk of human error and unlike canine detection it does not give false positives.

Performance of Verify Bed Bug Detector


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