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Tough to overstate termite damage

termite-control-los angeles-janus-pest-managementTrue story, termites cause structural damage—potentially, a lot of damage!  Leading studies report that the repair costs for structural termite damage rivals that of all natural disasters combined: fires, floods, wind and earthquakes.  That’s over $5 billion in the U.S. annually. What’s more, termite damage is not covered under common homeowners insurance policies. But there is good news, homeowners can significantly limit exposure to termite damage by having their homes inspected on a regular basis. Early detection is actually more cost effective because it often limits the need for repairs−saving you money.

Termite protection options.

Termite colonies can steadily grow nonstop for years if undetected. Over time, they can cause significant damage to a home’s structural timbers, including foundation posts, floor supports, ceiling supports and wall supports. Termites can also damage non-structural items such as books, pictures, documents, drywall, paneling, floor covering and furniture.

Unlike other maintenance services such as plumbing or electrical work, termite control involves living creatures whose activity is cryptic by nature. The full scope of their tenacious foraging habits are seldom evident to the homeowner.

By having your home regularly inspected, you can keep it better protected. Homeowners can best protect their homes and pocketbook by simply having their homes inspected for termites every 3-4 years at the minimum. However, if you are one who prefers to have the ultimate in termite protection and peace of mind, then consider our Homeowner Protection Plan (HOPP) for your home.  Our HOPPs are affordable and center on set yearly inspections and treatment where needed.

Termite evidence

For the record, we seldom field calls for “flying ants” within structures. If you see winged bugs that resemble ants in or about your home, odds are they are termites−a site not to be soon forgotten. Termites have several casts but it is the winged reproductive males and females termites called alates, that eventually disperse from the colony in order to procreate elsewhere within the structure and occasionally beyond.

Termites, which live in colonies of up to several thousand, need four simple elements to survive—food, moisture, shelter and optimal temperature.  This is why they physically occupy the wood timbers of your home, fencing, decking and garage.  A single termite colony can multiply over time into several colonies, with many entry points and feeding sites.

The size of the colony along with temperature, climatic and seasonal factors determine when swarms occur. It may be important to know that it takes an active colony an average of 3-4 years to produce its first swarms.

Another, but less demonstrative sign of termite damage are the piles tan-colored frass waste pellets that are ultimately expelled from a termite gallery during housekeeping. Though subtle—it may be the only sign nature provides the unsuspecting homeowner.  Mud tubes that subterranean termites form to travel to new wood typically go undetected by the homeowner but are found during a professional inspection.
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Now that you know how easily a termite infestation can grow undetected and how much damage they can cause, it would be sensible to have your home inspected by a qualified professional who is skilled in termite detection and elimination.  Call Janus Pest Management today to schedule a termite inspection for your home or business.  One of our state licensed termite inspectors will make a full or limited termite inspection depending on your needs.  The inspection may take about an hour to complete.  We will identify the extent of any infestation and give you a report detailing our findings.  All repair recommendations, treatment options and associated costs shall be fully explained in simple, understandable terms.  We can even work out affordable payment terms if needed.

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