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school buildingAt Janus Pest Management, we are very experienced working with schools and so we are very familiar with the typical pest issues that are encountered there.

  • cockroaches in the kitchen
  • fleas in the sandbox
  • bees in trees and utility boxes
  • rodents in ceilings
  • gophers on the athletic fields
  • black widow spiders under fountains and underneath lunch tables

The abovementioned pest scenarios alone, can occasionally create a need for little finessing skill to navigate especially when mixed with the concourse of faculty and students.

Pest control in schools must protect the health and safety of children and staff, reduce damage to structures and personal property, and improve the education environment by avoiding the annoyance or disruption of work and learning that is caused by insects, rodents, or other pest incursions. We recommend that private and public school facilities adopt and carry out an integrated pest management (IPM) strategy to control pests in schools. Janus Pest Management is your partner in securing a pest-free environment through proven pest solutions based on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles, which by the way is a key part of The Healthy Schools Act of 2000 (Assembly Bill 2260).

IPM clipboardIntegrated Pest Management (IPM)

Particularly with schools and other sensitive environments where people visit, live or work, we do your best to decrease reliance on chemical pesticides through a process called Integrated Pest Management (IPM). This method works to meet long-term, environmentally sound pest suppression and prevention with a variety of technological and management practices which includes:

  • Structural and procedural changes to cut food, water, harborage, and access used by pests.
  • Pesticide compounds, formulations, and application methods that present the lowest potential hazard to humans and the environment.
  • Non-pesticide technologies such as trapping and monitoring devices.

More to the Point…

  • QualityPro Certified –Janus Pest Management is proud to be a QualityPro-Green certified company. This certification is awarded by the National Pest Management Association and built around four key principles of Business Operations, Consumer Relations, Environmental Stewardship, and Technician Training. Furthermore, all service staff  receive medical screening and background checks.
  • On-line Customer Access Portal –permits  on-line access to all service information including, activity found, pesticides used, billing, customer service support and documents.
  • Expert Service Specialists –Janus Pest Management provides your facility with a Service Specialist who has a minimum of 5-years of pest management experience to service your facilities.
  • Twenty-Four Hour Emergency Response –We understand that when there is a problem that needs immediate attention waiting is not an option, we will respond promptly with same-day service when requests for service are received by our office before noon.

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