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Gopher Control – Los Angeles

Au Revoir Gopher

Gopher Control Los Angeles

The AYSO Fields Located at Carl E Nielsen Youth Park Never Looked So Good–Not During The Last Few Years Anyway.

The community park located near LAX once had a critical gopher infestation. We lost count but speculate upwards of 100 gopher mounds peppered the soccer fields just a few short weeks ago. “The pitch more resembled a moonscape than soccer fields”, commented Mike Urriza, one of the Janus techs who worked on the Los Angeles gopher control project for AYSO.

The regional AYSO board members were rightly concerned about the risks young soccer athletes were exposed to while playing on the checked-up fields. A broken ankle or twisted knee seemed probable given its previous condition.

Recently, we were  contacted by AYSO board member, Peter Wierzba, and owner of Elements Landscaping and Design, to evaluate the soccer fields. We had commenced the first phase of the gopher control program by later that afternoon. After about ten days, we had the problem completely under control.

Peter has since expressed his appreciation regarding our results and is retaining our services for regular monthly maintenance to protect against rebounding.

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