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American Cockroaches in High-rise Towers are Akin to Tambourines—You Can’t Trust Them to Just Anyone.

Respectfully but plainly speaking, we do it all: industrial parks, retail complexes, office towers–the whole nine yards. However, we at Janus Pest Management really excel at Class A office towers. It’s the challenge we enjoy.

Take American cockroaches (Periplaneta Americana) for example, keeping them from infiltrating your building and driving your tenants up on their desks then blowing up your inbox later with complaints, is our wheelhouse. So no easy feat, but through some trial and error and vigilance we have dialed it in–have holiday cards to prove it.

Regarding the rest of it, we do understand there is a certain dynamic that commercial property managers expect from their pest control vendor: be available and on call, come prepared, keep a clean professional appearance and keep a lucent profile.

Property Management Pest Control: Partners in Safeguarding Brand & Building

Your brand is your promise. Whether you manage a LEED-certified high-rise or mixed-use garden apartments, meeting needs is central to your brand. Janus Pest Management helps you affordably and effectively meet those needs–together partnering to safeguard your brand–and building.

No bugs. No witnesses.  We’re just that good.

No bugs. No witnesses.
We’re just that good.

Commercial Property Management: Core Program Attributes:

  • Green pest solutions for LEED designated properties
  • IPM treatment strategies
  • Corrective consultation & sanitation audits
  • Logbook detailing work and device map
  • Customer online portal: MSDS, labels, documents and appointments
  • Available weekend and afterhours scheduling
  • Internal Quality Assurance inspections
  • Minimum 5 year expert technician
  • Environmentally sensitive methods & materials

More to the Point…

  • QualityPro-Green certified – Janus Pest Management is proud to be a QualityPro-Green certified company. This certification is awarded by the National Pest Management Association to companies who practice reduced-risk, low impact Integrated treatment strategies (IPM). Naturally, this is instrumental with LEEDS compliance.
  • On-line Customer Access Portal — permits on-line access to all service information including, activity found, pesticides used, billing, customer service support and documents.
  • Twenty-Four Hour Emergency Response — We understand that when there is a problem that needs immediate attention waiting is not an option, we will respond promptly with same-day service when requests for service are received by our office before noon.
  • Service Specialists to have a minimum of 5 years industry experience before taking lead on commercial office real estate.
  • One last point: as your vendor, we recognize that your tenants may consider us as a quasi-extension of your company. So like you, we are responsive, punctual, and always courteous.

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