Commercial Pest Control

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Commercial Pest Control

Over the past decade, Janus Pest Management has steadily grown to become the name that businesses from various industries rely on for commonsense pest solutions. Our staff technicians are dependable, field-tested pros who work to deliver results. Our customers expect no less.

Moreover, leveraging a full complement of pest management services coupled with our breadth of experience—rivaling upper benchmarks—has enable our company to build the kind of rapport and continuity that promotes lasting business relationships.

And boasting a >96% client retention rate, we expect that your business will benefit from our services too.  CALL TODAY and put the Janus Advantage to work for your business.

Experience is our strength

Personally servicing clients as diverse as Colony American Homes, Baxter Hyland, Nestlé, HealthCare Partners, Ikea, AMC Theaters, Vons Markets, Golden State Foods, CBRE, Norton Simon Museum, The Los Angeles Zoo, CVS, Bank of America, Subway, Dependable Distribution, and just about all manner of retail business, has all culminated into a rich portfolio of experience and insight that we bring front and center to your business.

Naturally, there are basic pest related elements that are shared over various commercial settings, however needs and pest pressures can vary considerably. Whether we are servicing a small QSR sandwich shop, a high-rise office tower, or a million square foot AIB regulated warehouse, knowledge and experience figures large when designing an effective and affordable pest management program—that is scaled to meet your facility’s specific needs.

Few bring it to bugs like Janus does! With reliable on-time service and a <1% callback ratio, you can trust Janus Pest Management to effectively safeguard your business and brand against the aggravation associated with pest incursions (e.g., termites, ants, rats, roaches, spiders, bed bug, cockroaches and others. Call us today to schedule a no-obligation evaluation, and start seeing results. Not bugs!

Dependable on time service

We use the latest in scheduling software and equipment to help us map and dispatch our service staff to your property with greater dependability and reduced wait times. Hard to improve upon that, but if can, we will.

Industry Specialization Menu

Janus Pest Management confidently manages pest issues for most industries. We look forward to hearing from you if we can be of service to your specific industry–along with those listed below:


IPM treatment strategies

Ants, rodents, and roaches—depending on set thresholds, can become wildly disruptive within any commercial setting.  Even a minor pest infestation can contaminate food products, upset office settings and staff, or occasionally result in temporary site closure.  Our job naturally, is to work towards a pest free environment; to prevent the complications attributed to pest infestation.  This is achieved through proven IPM treatment strategies.

    1. Inspection
    2.  Pest biologyservice list
    3. Identify conducive conditions
    4. pest exclusion
    5. Judicious usage of pesticides
    6.  Follow-up / Monitoring
    7.  Communication

In general terms, we take a comprehensive approach to solving and preventing pest issues.  Our goal is to offer safer, effective, economical and environmentally friendly pest solutions. We Identify conditions favorable for pest development in order to prevent further infestation issues.  Field experience and ongoing training are key factors in effectively identifying these conditions.

Using technology to better serve our customers

We can take a systematic approach to servicing your account because we can divide the facility down into different areas which can be applied to all of your locations,, We can easily customize any type of facility, including lodging and hospitality, restaurants, warehouses, food processing, etc.  Bar codes are affixed to key areas and on pest monitoring devices to scan and capture activity data.

Information you need at your fingertips

using technology graphicInformation is collected and recorded including the time and date inspected, type and amount of pest activity observed, type and  the quantity of materials used, and if any deficiencies are observed, including any corrective actions to be taken to improve the condition. Upon completion of your service, the information is uploaded back onto our cloud server where all the information is kept in history on your account.  This information can be used for trend analysis reporting that you have access to online—Anytime!

  • Invoice History
  • Material History
  • Log Reports
  • Service History
  • Facility History
  • Site Diagrams
  • Payment History
  • Device History
  • Scheduled Appointments

Affordable service schedule options optimized to meet your needs

We recommend monthly service for most commercial accounts.  Each will have varying pest pressures and other concerns.  Your Janus Service Specialist will be glad to meet with you to discuss  service options based upon your needs.

  • Weekly Service
  • Monthly Service
  • Bi-monthly / EOM Service
  • Quarterly Service
  • Semiannual Termidor® Ant Control Treatment
  • As-needed / One-time Jobs
  • Flex-Prescription Service, (FPS) e.g., seasonal or set months of the year

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