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    Janus Pest Management, Inc. Achieve Associate Certified Entomologist Status

    Janus Pest Management, Inc.  Achieve Associate Certified Entomologist Status Jay Spicer – Janus Pest Management was recently certified as an Associate Entomologist by the Entomological Society of America Certification Corporation. To achieve Associate Certified Entomologist (ACE) status, a pest-control operator must have a minimum of seven years of verifiable pest management experience, the knowledge and […]

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    Chimney Fire Danger

    The chill in the air may cause unwanted pests and critters to move into your home. Some of them could be the reason your home catches fire. Firefighters caution that this is the time of season where they start seeing chimney fires. According to experts, every year across the nation there are 25,000 house fires […]

  • Verifi Bed Bug Detector

    Bed Bug Control-Janus Pest Management Janus Pest Management uses the Verifi bed bug detectors for initial pretreatment inspections and post treatment monitoring. Have piece of mind, call Janus Pest Management today and get one of the industries leading bed bug detectors. Ideal for Frequent Travelers Inspect once every three months If you travel a lot […]

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    More About Gophers

    ocket gopher, are burrowing rodents that get their name from the fur-lined, external cheek pouches, or pockets, they use for carrying food and nesting materials. They are found throughout the western two thirds of the United States. California has five species, with Botta’s pocket gopher, being most widespread IDENTIFICATION Depending on the species, they are […]

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    Aluminum casting of subterranean ant colony

    What happens when you pour 1200F molten aluminum into an ant colony… Call Today–See Results. Not Bugs. (888)-526-8744 Get the Janus Advantage–Order a no-obligation inspection or service appointment today. Few “bring it to bugs” like Janus does. Contact: Janus Pest Management, Inc. Phone: 888-526-8744 Fax: 626-917-4770 Email: Web: Janus Pest Management on […]