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If you have scheduled a bed bug control treatment job with Janus Pest Management or another pest control company, we trust this list will save you nearly a half a day of searching on the web for bed bug protection products that will help bring some comfort to you and your family while awaiting a pending bed bug control job.

  • Mattress and box spring encasement covers
  • Pillow case encasement
  • Pest protective body sock (especially useful for the aged or disabled)
  • Mattress storage and disposal bags
  • Dresser drawer garment encasement
  • Laundry / duffel bag for toting garments
  • Water soluble laundry bags
  • Hefty large tote bags
  • Bed bug monitors for the car, boat, RV
  • Pest strips for closets, dresser drawers, etc.

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